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At ConverSage, we believe that everyone should be equipped to effectively conduct the most important and intense healthcare related conversations. Our goal is to facilitate better health by providing safe, scalable educational experiences utilizing virtual technology to learn about, and practice, difficult conversations - for all.

Vaping Prevention

ConverSage proudly introduces an evidence-based, behavior-changing anti-vaping VR game specifically for adolescents developed by researchers at Yale University School of Medicine. The game delivers the scientific facts about how vaping negatively affects adolescents’ health and gives them the skills to make healthy decisions.

Best Practice Opioid Prescribing

Massachusetts has being recognized as a model for the nation in changing the way doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners and other prescribers are educated about opioids. This training is based on the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s training program for their medical students. Forty-six governors have agreed to adopt the Massachusetts opioid curriculum in their states.

In Massachusetts, not just students are being trained. Opioid therapy and pain management class is also required for all prescribers renewing their licenses.

Critical Illness Conversations

Initiating and having conversations with patients and their families about a serious illness is very much a skill that requires training and practice, just as any other complex medical technique or procedure. This immersive training has been developed by experts to assist providers successfully prepare and navigate their way through having a serious illness conversation with patients and family members.

Managing Conflict Under Stress

This leadership training is designed to help you better understand and relate to others in the workplace. Its focus is how to better navigate, or prevent, disruptive behavior – either someone else’s or even your own – in order to achieve better outcomes.

In healthcare, how you communicate has the potential to convey critical, lifesaving information. Effective communication impacts every aspect of how care is delivered and is the corner-stone of patient and caregiver safety. In high stakes environments, where the safety and lives of those you work with and care for are at risk, the negative results of poor communication can be serious, and may even result in unnecessary death. This course is designed to be one of many experiences to improve your communication interactions.

Diabetes Primer for Newly Diagnosed Patients

Diabetic Educators are not always available at all Acute or Ambulatory healthcare facilities resulting in variation of care of diabetic patients. The American Diabetes Association estimates (2013) the total costs of diagnosed diabetes had risen to $245 billion in 2012 from $174 billion in 2007 (41%).

This Diabetic Patient Education tablet based application consists of five topics: What is Diabetes?, Monitoring Blood Sugars, Medication, Solving Problems – Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia), and Solving Problems – High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia).

Vaping Prevention:

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​​Best Practice Opioid Prescribing:

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Critical Illness Conversations:

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