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Effective, Long-Lasting Communication Skills for Providers and Patients

Healthcare providers face immense challenges daily. From providing care to giving patients and families devastating news and more, the demands placed on healthcare professionals take a significant toll. At ConverSage, we believe that everyone, providers and patients, should be equipped to handle the most challenging issues with confidence. That’s why we partner with world-class organizations and medical leaders to develop VR and e-learning solutions that teach how to carry out difficult discussions. We integrate evidence-based medical knowledge into our results-focused programs and solutions. Learn more about our network participants and how we bring our innovative digital solutions to life.

medical professionals working on laptop

Our Development Partner – Extend Intelligence

Extend Intelligence is an agency for comprehensive digital human service & support. XI infuses AI capabilities into custom applications & workflows – enhancing cognitive performance by enabling systems to do more with less human interaction. Working with their business partners, IBM and UneeQ, XI delivers a highly immersive and reliable solution.

Our Team

Maryann Sullivan

President & CEO

Maryann utilizes her years of senior leadership experience in new product creation and development to lead entrepreneurial, rapid growth efforts to market.

She has worked as a senior consultant with her husband Tim at Wellesley Partners, guiding senior leadership teams to orchestrate the changes necessary for organizational growth and extraordinary results.

Tim Sullivan

Partnership and Business Development Executive

Tim, as a well-known executive coach, understands human motivations. He is a barrier buster – helping others to change themselves and their organizations.

He is a networker-supreme. He has an uncanny ability to connect with people and to guide them toward the behaviors and outward-reaching activities that lead to success.

Tim has published his first book and is working on his second. In “Spinning to Winning” he provides early-stage career professionals with a path to explore life-changing practices to help them achieve their goals.

Marshall (Mark) Smith

MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer & Chief Innovation Officer

Mark guides us on all things related to medicine. His roles as a physician, academician, and innovator of non-invasive surgical techniques provide him with a broad background of knowledge from which we draw.

He is an avid technologist and was involved in the early integration of simulation into medicine, developing one of the largest simulation training centers in the world. He served as Executive Director of the Center for Simulation and Innovation at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

Steve Levinsky

Adviser and Resource Development

Steve is a builder. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are his calling cards.

Steve guides us with his diverse experience recruiting and managing talent, understanding how to organize that talent, and assisting Tim with Business Development.

Peter Tetrault

Chief Technology Officer

Peter is a critical contributor to the design and development of each of the products ConverSage has built. With his guidance, we keep technologically current while avoiding technologies that are not fully tested and market ready.

He relies on his years of business operations experience to successfully lead teams that create spec-built technology solutions.

Ed Hudson

Program Manager

Ed has provided project & business leadership to large-scale programs, including the replacement of the Massachusetts 911 system with a next-generation architecture and the nationwide rollout of 4G wireless networks for AT&T.

He is the critical project management resource for our current product development efforts, coordinating the efforts of our subject matter experts and technology partners.

Innovative Solutions for the Toughest Healthcare Conversations