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Stressed at Work?

Facilitating Better Outcomes Through Better Communication

At ConverSage, we understand the high emotion, tension, and stress that healthcare providers and their patients experience. Healthcare professionals are responsible for communicating clearly and effectively with their patients, yet even the most well-trained provider may lack the skills to do so. That’s why we partner with the world’s most renowned healthcare leaders and organizations to design and build cutting-edge, virtual healthcare training programs. Our learning modules will prepare your provider team and leaders for challenging patient conversations, enabling them to stay focused on outcomes, increase patient engagement, and provide patients and families with a more satisfying experience.

smiling doctor speaking with patient

Products Designed for an Enhanced Healthcare Experience

How do we prepare healthcare organizations for challenging conversations? By collaborating with leading medical organizations to develop our products. Utilizing our translational and technology experience, we integrate evidence-based knowledge into our digital solutions. Our products provide users with engaging immersive learning where real-life medical situations are represented in precise detail. Our partners provide expertise on more than just medical expertise, sharing actual patient thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that inform and challenge the viewer. The result is an engaged, prepared, and confident healthcare stakeholder ready to apply their advanced communication skills in the real world. Do you have a need for a safe, scalable educational learning experience for your team to better initiate and conduct an important healthcare interaction? If so, we can provide the perfect solution for you.

person presenting to a room of medical professionals

Partnering With Leading Healthcare Experts

At ConverSage, we collaborate with organizations and educators who share our vision for better communication within the healthcare field. Our partners have devoted their careers to improving the provider and patient experience. If you have an idea for a digital program that uses evidence-based medical knowledge to teach providers or patients, we’d love to hear from you. We help healthcare professionals convert their knowledge and expertise into a scalable solution ready for private or publicly available end-users. We market and sell our products and customize revenue-sharing agreements with our partners. Through us, you can create your healthcare training vision and participate in the rewards of its success.


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